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How to become an annual sponsor?

Beginning in 2024, our user group has implemented a small fee for each meetup to enhance the quality of our events. This fee contributes to the organisation of larger gatherings, the provision of swag, and the acquisition of professional equipment. It's important to note that our user group leaders continue to serve as 100% volunteers, passionately driving the community forward.

For those seeking more community engagement, we offer an annual sponsorship program. Annual sponsors, who make an upfront annual payment, enjoy additional promotional benefits and have the opportunity to sponsor up to four meetups throughout the year. Furthermore, annual sponsors become valued members of the sponsors-council, fostering a close collaboration aimed at community growth.

Pricing is structured as follows:

Single Meetup
€300 (excluding VAT).
Annual Sponsorship Fee
€1000 (excluding VAT).

The annual sponsorship period spans from January to December, ensuring a full year of benefits. As the year progresses, we may offer discounts as part of sponsor programs tailored for [AWS Community Day](https://awscommunityday.nl/) or other special events.

Join us in building a vibrant and collaborative AWS community! Your support is instrumental in making each community event a success.

For further details or to become a sponsor, please feel free to reach out to us.