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Every other week a (virtual) AWS meetup somewhere in the Netherlands.

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Webinar 4: Operational Excellence - AWS Well-Architected Framework Webinar Series 2020


Webinar 5: Reliability - AWS Well-Architected Framework Webinar Series 2020


AWS Summit Online Europe, Middle East & Africa


News & Highlights

Content shared by us and within the community.

How to mount an EBS volume on NVMe based instance types

Switching EC2 instance type or volumes, may cause an incorrect volume to be mounted or not be mounted at all. In this blog we present the details for mounting an EBS volume on any EC2 instance type.

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Integrating EKS with other AWS Services

EKS offers developers an easy way to run Kubernetes workloads at AWS. But what if you need to integrate your EKS based app with other services like CloudFront, API Gateway or Web Application Firewall?

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At February First we launched this brand new AWS User Group NL website ( Here you’ll find upcoming events, interesting news and shared blog posts by the community and more information about the Dutch AWS community.

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