AWS Meetup The Hague - PostNL

Wed Feb. 14 2024 17:00 PostNL Corporate Main Office, Waldorpstraat 3, Den Haag

A valentine's day meetup in the PostNL office in The Hague.

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A valentine’s day meetup in the PostNL office in The Hague.

PostNL welcomes us into “het kroontje”, one of the best views of The Hague.


17:00 doors open, walk-in

17:30 food

18:00 First talk (30 min): Pubudu Jayawardana (PostNL) - Design a mission critical serverless application for high resilience

It is really important for a mission critical application to maintain high resilience since it will directly impact the business continuity. In this talk, I am going to discuss how we at PostNL use AWS technologies to design one of the mission critical systems - EBE (Event Broker E-Commerce) for high resilience.

18:30 Break

18:45 Second talk (20 min): Walter Heck (Helixiora) - Introduction to Data Mesh

This talk will introduce the concept of data mesh and give some insights on how to build the technical parts on AWS.

19:45 End of meetup

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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