Java and Kotlin on AWS

Wed Oct. 18 2023 17:30 OpenValue Utrecht, Werkspoorkathedraal, Tractieweg 41

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Join us at the OpenValue office in Utrecht on 18 October for a Java and Kotlin-oriented Meetup with three amazing speakers! Fernanda Machado from Amazon Web Services (AWS) will speak about effectively using Java in containers, Elena van Engelen-Maslova will talk about exploring Kotlin-powered serverless with Spring Cloud Function, and Rafaëla Phaf will explore developing with Localstack.

Hosted by Enri Peters and Piet van Dongen 🎙️

Information before you register

The OpenValue Utrecht office is in the Werkspoorkathedraal, a large factory hall. The main entrance is a black facade with lots of glass on the side of the Tractieweg. You’ll find a panel with multiple doorbells on the right-hand side of the entrance. Please ring the doorbell labeled “41 - N”. Our office is located on the top floor. Take the stairs up or take the elevator to floor 3. Walk into the hallway; you’ll find our office on your right-hand side. Free parking is available next to the Werkspoorkathedraal. When signing up, please provide your full name (first name + last name) to ensure smooth access to the building. Also see:

Agenda at a glance

  • 17:30 — Doors open, walk-in 🚶🏾
  • 18:00 — Dinner 🍴
  • 18:40 — Welcome by our community leaders 👋🏼
  • 18:45 — Talk 1 by Fernanda Machado 🎙️
  • 19:15 — Talk 2 by Elena van Engelen-Maslova 🎙️
  • 19:45 — Short break 🧘🏻
  • 20:00 — Talk 3 by Rafaëla Phaf 🎙️
  • 20:30 — Drinks and networking 🍺 🥤🍷☕️


Effectively Using Java in Containers

Fernanda Machado, Amazon Web Services

Containers have become an important way to organize compute resources and manage the content of your application deployments when building cloud-native applications in Java. However, optimizing these applications in evolving Java ecosystem presents challenges. In this session, you will explore the complexities related to resource usage, startup time, and performance. You will learn key techniques to better run your containerized Java application on Amazon EKS and Amazon ECS.

Fernanda is a Specialist Solutions Architect at AWS, helping developers to modernize and build cloud-native applications on AWS.

Move Over Kubernetes: Exploring Kotlin-Powered Serverless with Spring Cloud Function

Elena van Engelen-Maslova, Freelancer

Explore designing serverless code with Kotlin, which offers reduced dependance on specific cloud providers, by harnessing the cloud-neutral strengths of Spring Cloud Function and Clean Architecture. Practical examples will underscore the synergy of Kotlin, Spring Cloud Function, and clean architecture in serverless scenarios, placing emphasis on reducing cloud lock-in. Insights into AWS’s performance enhancements like Lambda SnapStart and the Cloud Development Kit (CDK) in Kotlin are also provided.

Elena is a Senior Kotlin/Java Software Engineer, Kotlin fan, Serverless cloud enthusiast.

Unleash your AWS testing skills with LocalStack

Rafaëla Phaf, Phaf4IT

Let’s face it, we all know that it can be hard to test things, especially integrated tests. Testing integrations between AWS services is no exception, often requiring cloud deployments. But what if you could supercharge your AWS testing capabilities locally? Join us for an exploration of LocalStack, a powerful tool for emulating AWS services on your machine. Discover how it integrates seamlessly with AWS CDK and Lambda, enabling you to develop and test serverless applications without real cloud deployments. We’ll cover LocalStack’s integrations with services like SQS and DynamoDB, providing practical insights to streamline your AWS testing workflow. As we go on this journey, you’ll gain the basic knowledge and tools to transform your AWS testing practices, making them more efficient and cost-effective.

About Rafaëla is a devoted mother, full-time developer, passionate freelancer, cloud tech lover, Spring enthusiast, and loves sharing tech knowledge.

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