[Workshop] Let's get started with your first serverless application.

Tue Jan. 31 2023 14:00 Koepelplein 1E, 2031 EL Haarlem

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The workshop will guide participants through the process of building and deploying an API-first serverless application with Python, with a database, by using tools that provide an optimal developer experience.

Workshop document:



We arrange private wifi network for you at the venue. Fill your email address on this form.

Time Table: (Total 3 hours):

  • 14:00- Registration (15 min)
  • 14:15- Introduction (15 min)
  • 14:30- Workshop (90 min)
  • 16:00- Q&A and feedback (15 min)
  • 16:15- Outro (15 min)
  • 16:30- After hours (30 min)
  • -17:00 Close


Ivica Kolenkaš

Ivica is a cloud engineer by day and a Python developer by night with aspirations to become a public speaker. A problem solver with a firm belief that not every problem is a tech problem. Ivica helps companies run their workloads in the cloud effectively with infrastructure-as-code and common sense.


Fernanda Machado

Fernanda is a seasoned Software Engineer developing and architecting cloud-native applications on AWS. She works as a Developer Specialist Solutions Architect for the AWS Developer Acceleration (DevAx) team covering Europe, the Middle East and Africa customers. She lives in the Netherlands and loves swimming, watching movies, and being a mother! :)


Tomoharu Ito

Tomoharu is a freelance Serverless Architect, Alexa Champion, and Engineer at DigitalCube.co.Ltd. He is a passionate developer and loves to share his knowledge with others. He is also a co-organizer of AWS User Group KOBE(Japan) and AWS User Group Netherlands.



Python 3.8


  • Patience
  • Willingness to learn
  • Python 3.8+ installed

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for AWS beginners. Knowledge of Python will be helpful but is not required - we are here to help you :) Seasoned AWS users that would like to get to know serverless technologies are also welcome.


  • Terminal is used in this workshop. (zsh, bash, etc..)
  • Prefer to setup pyenv and virtualenv.
  • We offer a water and snacks during the workshop.
  • We would apply dedicated Wifi access point for the workshop. Put your email address on your RSVP. Venue will send you the access code.

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