Meetup in Haarlem at De koepel

Wed Sep. 14 2022 18:30 Koepelplein 1E, 2031 EL Haarlem

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AWS Step Functions (shortning Sfn) has been drastically updated in 2 years. This gives a shift development process of serverless applications. You will learn latest development style for Sfn and some design patterns, and introduct actual some usecases in the meetup. Let’s go forward more to less code, exposure the business logic, easy to get traceability, and more!

You will learn about:

  • Latest updates of Step Functions
  • How to use Workflow Studio
  • Step Functions AWS-SDK integrations
  • Design patterns of Step Functions
  • The point of CI/CD for Step Functions with Workflow Studio

👨🏽‍💻 Speakers:

  • Melody Huang - Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Tomoharu Ito - Freelance Serverless Architect, Alexa Champion, Engineer at
  • Sohan Maheshwar - Developer Advocate @ AWS

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Doors open & registration


Drinks and Snacks

  • Soft drinks
  • Small and Light snacks(Gemengd bittergarnituur)


Welcome to this AWS Meetup, De Koepel and AWS
Tomoharu Ito,
Mike Rijkers, De koepel, cuporaxs


Latest updates of AWS Step Functions
Melody Huang, AWS Solution Architect

  • What is AWS Step Functions
  • Introduction Workflow Studio
  • AWS SDK integration


Benefit of Workflow Studio and SDK integration, and design patterns
Tomoharu Ito, Freelance, Serverless architect

  • What amazing of AWS SDK Integration with Step Functions
  • New development process with Workflow studio in our usecase
  • The point of CI/CD process with AWS SAM
  • Design patterns for Step Functions


Lightning Talk & Q&A
Sohan Maheshwar, Developer Advocate @ AWS


Drinks and snacks

  • Soft drinks
  • Small and Light snacks(Gemengd bittergarnituur)


Door close

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