AWS Meetup at PostNL

Tue May. 24 2022 18:00 Waldorpstraat 3, 2521 CA Den Haag

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Thanks PostNL for inviting the community to your office in The Hague. During this meetup, PostNL engineers share great insights about working with data at scale by Mick, and working with GraphQL by Patrick. Jacob talks about EventBridge and Nick about GeoRestriction with AWS WorkSpaces. But we’ll start with an inspiring talk by Eva about the future: Quantum Computing.

Information for registration

  • Full name registration required
  • Public Transport: NS Station Den Haag HS, take the exit towards Waldorpstraat (not the main exit). Turn left and walk 3 minutes to the PostNL building.
  • Parking: Q-Park Laakhaven. After 17:30 it’s €8/evening. Visitors can collect a free parking ticket at the front desk.

Agenda at a glance

18:00 Pizza or Dinner
19:00 Sessions
21:00 Drinks & Networking
22:00 Doors close


From A to B - How quantum computing promises to optimize our lives.

Eva Noordhoek, Schuberg Philis

Learnings from PostNL’s journey with GraphQL and more

Patrick Dronk, PostNL
At PostNL we’ve been working on digitizing our supply chain. We embrace serverless technologies which definitely have advantages but also some challenges. We started our journey with AppSync GraphQL as our API layer and gradually moved to Federated GraphQL. I will talk about how we started, what the past and current challenges, where we are right now and where we hope to finish. The tools we used along the way: Lambda, Github Actions, AppSync, DynamoDB, Aurora Serverless, EFS, Cognito

How PostNL makes data and data experts, scale

Mick the Rooij, PostNL
PostNL has a rapidly growing number of data experts. With several hundreds already operating in our platforms, we asked ourselves this question: How can we scale to facilitate a thousand data experts? In this presentation I will give an overview of why and how we restructure our data platforms to scale and will go in depth on how we are leveraging rapidly evolving AWS services like SageMaker and Lake Formation in our data platforms.

Eventbridge, best new serverless solution since lambda?

Jacob Verhoeks, Schuberg Philis
Eventbridge is almost 2 years old. It started as a way to handle Saas application and aws events, but is growing into the core component in serverless designs. This talks will highlight some server less architectures designs with EventBridge. An overview of the latest EventBridge releases and 3rd party tools.

Adding GeoRestriction to an AWS WorkSpaces

Nick de Wijer-Graafstra, HeleCloud
Data sovereignty is becoming a serious issue for companies and governments. Be it the intellectual property of a company to the personal data of residents of a country staying within certain geographic boundaries. Data at rest and data in transit are capable of staying within a single region but what about the user access itself? AWS WorkSpaces does not support GeoRestriction but a customer did require it, so where a solution does not exist, we just build one!

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