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Wed Mar. 23 2022 17:30 Schuberg Philis, Schiphol-Rijk

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Welcome to this first in-person meetup after a looong period! We’re so excited to welcome the community and meet each other in-person. During this meetup we have a broad variety of talks, ranging from Serverless to Kubernetes, from Rust to Learning Gaming Platforms, and from Integrating with AWS Services to Remote Development Environments.

⚠️ Please register with your full name. If you RSVP with a nickname or only your first name, you’ll be moved to the wait list.
⚠️ Only register if you’re definitely coming, putting your towel on a seat is not appreciated by other community members.
⚠️ No-shows will be punished (a cancelation 48 hours before the event is also counted as a no-show)


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Welcome to this AWS Meetup & Schuberg Philis
Martijn van Dongen, awsug.nl
Dennis Brouwer, Schuberg Philis
Enri Peters, Schuberg Philis


Confidently Build Cloud-Native Applications with Serverless Integration Testing
Luc van Donkersgoed, PostNL
If there is one mantra for serverless, it’s “Code is a Liability”. But as code is replaced with services, the testing landscape changes too. Instead of unit tests, we need integration tests. In this talk we’ll show how to build serverless integration tests with AWS Step Functions, Lambda and Pytest.


Rust and AWS!
Shing Lyu, Amazon Web Services
Rust has been the top one most loved languages in StackOverflow Developer Survey for 5 years in a row. Join Shing Lyu, Solutions Architect at AWS, to learn why AWS is investing into Rust, how is AWS using Rust in our products, and how you can join the movement!


Seriously gaming your cloud expertise: from cloud tourist to cloud native
Piet van Dongen, Luminis
No cloud skills, no career. As we accelerate towards the future of everything online, cloud skills will be ever more in demand. Not just for engineers, but for your whole DevOps team and the rest of the office, too. Let me help by showing you the learning paths you can follow towards cloud competence, plus the serious game and social learning application we developed to become cloud natives.


Short Break: Stretch legs, get some drinks


EKS and GitOps for microservices
Alberto Rodriguez Garcia, Schuberg Philis
A top-5 retailer in The Netherlands requested a new platform to host workloads for multiple business units and multiple development teams. We chose AWS EKS and ArgoCD as the main pieces of the puzzle.


Integrating EKS with other services
Stephen Hoekstra, Schuberg Philis
During this talk we’ll show how we use EKS in combination with other AWS services, such as AWS Network Firewall, Route53 and Secrets Manager for a payment service provider customer of Schuberg Philis.


Remote Development Environments
Egon Braun, Schuberg Philis
How you can quickly setup development environments for your teams using VScode and containers to improve developer experience.


Drinks in the bar


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