Introduction: Serverless architectures with DynamoDB and Lambda

Wed Feb. 2 2022 15:00 Online

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Amazon DynamoDB is a fast and flexible, on-demand NoSQL database with no servers to provision, patch, or manage and no software to install, maintain, or operate. DynamoDB works seamlessly with AWS Lambda, a serverless compute service to help build fully managed serverless applications.

Join AWS Data Hero Alex DeBrie and DynamoDB Product Manager Pete Naylor for a live workshop as they introduce these two services and demonstrate how to combine DynamoDB and Lambda in a serverless application. They’ll show common patterns in serverless architectures, including how to use DynamoDB as your application database and how to process DynamoDB Streams with a Lambda function, as well as foundational concepts like using infrastructure-as-code and managing IAM permissions for your Lambda functions.

You will:

  • Learn about the key benefits of Amazon DynamoDB and AWS Lambda
  • Review serverless application patterns for different use cases
  • Build a serverless application with DynamoDB and Lambda

👨🏽‍💻 Speakers:

  • Alex DeBrie - AWS Data Hero and author of The DynamoDB Book
  • Pete Naylor - Sr Technical Product Manager for Amazon DynamoDB


Among AWS User Group Benelux attendees, we’ll raffle:

  • Two copies of Alex DeBrie’s book
  • Two $25 AWS credit vouchers

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