Boost Your 11x Cert Frenzy: Ask Me Anything

Tue Jun. 29 2021 00:00 Online

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June 29 - 16:00-17:30 CEST

At this moment there are 11 official AWS certifications available across the levels: practitioner, associate, professional and specialty. In this meetup, we talk about the value and process of getting AWS certifications, and discuss every certificate one by one. Questions ranging from: “which services are most important for the security specialty?”, to: “can you explain BGP?”. Join us live, and ask your questions using the YouTube/Twitch chat!

I’m Martijn, and I’m AWS Community Hero for The Netherlands and organizer of meetups, virtual meetups and AWS Community Days. I’m a Cloud Evangelist at Schuberg Philis, boosting AWS adoption across our teams, our customers, and the broader community.

In this meetup, I will be joined by Luc, Maarten and David, and ask them everything about their learning journey and achieving 11 certs. How did they prepare? What are their tips & tricks? And also technical questions, about AWS to help you prepare for your next exam!

  • Luc is a 12-times certified AWS engineer/architect with a passion for sharing knowledge. He has created and hosted multiple courses for AWS certifications and loves to write blog posts, create YouTube videos and present at meetups and conferences.
  • Maarten is the Global AWS Tech Lead at Nordcloud, APN Ambassador and AWS Community Builder. He achieved his first AWS certification in January 2016 and reached the all-12 milestone in December 2019. Maarten is also an active AWS Certification SME, and has contributed to multiple professional and specialty level exams.
  • David is AWS Techincal Practice Lead at Schuberg Philis, 13x AWS Certified and AWS APN Ambassador. He is a positive and energetic person who brings good energy to any team.

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