Webinar: GraphQL & AWS Amplify

Wed Jun. 16 2021 00:00 Online

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Join us this June for a developer oriented webinar focusing on GraphQL! Paul Bakker from Netflix will explain how Netflix developed and open sourced their GraphQL library called DSG. Evertson Croes from Luminis will follow up with a talk about leveraging AWS Amplify and GraphQL to quickly create (web) apps that scale.

👋 19:00: Welcome by our community leaders

📣 19:05: Talk 1 — Netflix DGS: GraphQL @ Netflix (Paul Bakker, Netflix)

Netflix, a heavy and long-time AWS customer, has recently open sourced their GraphQL framework. It is called DSG and aims to provide the best way to implement GraphQL servers in Java/Spring Boot. The framework is focused on a great developer experience, while it’s also battle-tested by Netflix in production.

Paul starts off with an introduction to GraphQL: how to create a schema and how to run queries and mutations. Then he goes into GraphQL’s benefits, compared to REST. The remainder of the talk goes into using the DGS framework to implement a GraphQL server with Spring Boot.

The format of the talk is very developer focused, showing the code to get a GraphQL service running, including tests. Things like metrics, tracing, and logging will be discusses, as well as the way Netflix is using GraphQL and how they’ve found it to be useful.

☕️ 19:50: Short break

📣 20:00: Talk 2 — AWS Amplify & GraphQL (Evertson Croes, Luminis)

Have you always wanted to create a cloud native application, but you don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’ve heard about AWS Amplify, but have yet to see it in action? This talk is for you.

During this session, Evertson will familiarize you with building cloud native applications with AWS Amplify. Based on live coding examples, he discusses the most important services that play a role in setting up and publishing your own cloud native application.

He shows, among other things, how you can easily combine leverage GraphQL withing Amplify to receive, process and store data. He also discusses connecting Cognito, Lambda and other AWS services.

🏁 20:45: Closing

Hope to see you all there!

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