Virtual Meetup: Landing Zones

Thu May. 20 2021 00:00 Online

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Join the masterminds behind org-formation and superwerker with demos of their open source tools. Learn how to leverage the undocumented features of AWS APIs for Landing Zones. And, get more Landing Zone related insights from AWS customers and the general manager of AWS control services.

☁️ 15:10 Why do you need a “Landing Zone”?

In 2017, Enexis decided to move to the public cloud as well as start the transformation to Agile / DevOps teams. As a foundation for that, Enexis started the Enexis Cloud Platform with the goal of providing 100% self-service to the DevOps teams to facilitate speed.

Michel Habets is the Lead Architect Platforms & Services and Product Owner of the Enexis Cloud Platform. In this fire-side chat, Michel shares his experiences mainly from a business perspective.

☁️ 15:30 superwerker - open-source jump-start to a well-architected AWS setup

The open-source AWS Quick Start superwerker is for organizations who want to get started with the AWS Cloud quickly without investing in consultants or devoting time to extensive research. Built on Control Tower, superwerker lets AWS customers quickly set up an AWS Cloud environment following best practices for security and efficiency so they can focus on your core business. Join this session to learn about the history, current features, and inner workings of superwerker. Esp. our testing pipeline with disposable AWS management accounts :)

Sönke is co-founder and Senior Cloud Consultant at superluminar, an Advanced AWS Partner from Germany. He initiated superwerker in late 2020 together with Joern Barthel, co-founder of AWS Advanced Partner kreuzwerker.

☁️ 16:00 Managing your AWS Organization with org-formation

Org-formation is a CLI tool that builds on top of AWS CloudFormation and provides support to manage your AWS Organization using infrastructure as code models. Multi account AWS designs have grown increasingly popular and solve difficult problems in it security, compliance and scalability. Yet, the absence of infrastructure as code tooling to manage these concerns leaves you out in the cold if you want to get manage your organization using modern developer tooling/workflows. Org-formation is an open source project specifically created to solve this gap. It has grown into a vibrant community where a lot of companies in highly regulated industries/governments use org-formation to build their custom landing zone solution.

Olaf Conijn is the mastermind behind org-formation. He is an independent software developer, currently working for Stedi. Olaf is a full stack solution architect/developer with a background in Microsoft technology and now focussed on mobile and cloud development.

🤸 ~16:30 Short Break

☁️ 16:35 From ALZ to Control Tower: building a managed landing zone service at AWS

Years ago, AWS pioneered the concept of a landing zone for a small number of very large, forward-thinking customers who had embraced a multi-account model for their cloud deployments. This work eventually became an official AWS Solution called Automated Landing Zone, or ALZ. As ALZ’s adoption grew, a growing number of customers asked AWS to take ALZ one step further and make it a fully-managed AWS service. The result is AWS Control Tower, launched at re:Inforce 2019. Control Tower has seen very rapid growth in its short time on the AWS console. This brings both opportunity and interesting scaling challenges as more customers of all types, from all over the world, adopt the service. Join this session to hear from AWS Control Tower’s General Manager on why we built the service, what we’re hearing from customers, and what the future holds.

Matt Yanchyshyn is well known of This is My Architecture videos, and is currently the General Manager for Control Services at Amazon Web Services.

☁️ 17:00 A hitchhikers guide to landing zones, using undocumented APIs

In this session, Costas will demonstrate how to use the undocumented APIs of services like Control Tower and Billing. He will introduce a library he has written and by the time of this event is used in open source frameworks like Superwerker. In the second part of this session, Costas will share his experiences with building Landing Zones.

Costas Tyfoxylos is an IT Professional for a bit more that 20 years, he has worn all the hats one can wear, from linux admin, networking specialist, security oriented both offensive and defensive, avid coder, teacher, mentor to manager. Currently working on AWS oriented projects while having fun with python.

👋 ~17:55 End of the meetup

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