AWS Security GameDay - Community Edition

Thu Apr. 22 2021 16:00 Online

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Event details

The Benelux AWS community would like to invite you to the AWS Security Gameday on April 22nd 2021. The GameDay will be hosted by AWS Developer Advocate Sohan Maheshwar.

What is AWS GameDay?

AWS GameDay is an interactive team-based learning exercise designed to give players a chance to put their AWS skills to the test in a real-world, gamified, risk-free environment. Most importantly, it is an extremely fun way to learn more about the potential of AWS without the step-by-step instructions provided in workshops or classroom-style sessions. If you are seeking an open-ended, and at times ambiguous, style of training then GameDay is the perfect challenge for you.


Uh Oh. Your AWS workload is under attack by hackers! Turns out there is open access to your database, someone is deleting important files from your S3 bucket and we’re getting really weird requests to the application. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to defend against these attacks and bring these hackers to justice. Should be easy for you right :wink:.

Rack up points to win!

This is a fun, beginner-friendly competition which takes 2 hours to complete. You can earn points for completing challenges in different scenarios. Players play in teams with a maximum size of three. We recommend playing in teams of 2 or 3.


Upon registration, we will ask you to provide a team name. Make sure that all team members enter the same team name so that we can form the teams during the event.

System Requirements

You will receive a link in your email to access Amazon Chime, either via the desktop app or through the browser. Use this link to run a readiness check so there is no unintended chaos on the day. An AWS account is not required, one will be provided to your team on your welcome session on the day but you will need a web browser with access to the AWS Console. It would be advantageous for you to be familiar with the AWS Console before you attend the GameDay.

Organization Team

This event was organized by: Sohan Maheshwar, Maarten Bruntink, Angelo Malatacca, David Webster, Martijn van Dongen, Amer Grgic, Zamira Jaupaj.

Event sponsors