How to set up continuous compliancy in your AWS environment

Thu Jun. 11 2020 00:00 Online

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Having a secure and controlled cloud environment is key. Related to the Amazon Web Services platform, AWS Developed the AWS Well-Architected Framework. Join our webinar on Thursday 11 June co-hosted with AWS and Oblivion Cloud Control and hear how to stay compliant with this Well Architected Framework in an automated manner.


14:00-14:30 | Compliance, AWS Shared Responsibility Model and Tools Coming Together (+10 min. Q&A) Brajendra Singh (Amazon Web Services)

Compliances are regularly evolving regulatory requirements which vary significantly across regions and industries. AWS Services and tools help ensure adherence to the compliance requirements under the hood of shared responsibility model. They ensure that you stay compliant when starting and also continue compliant when operating by avoid any drift in the checks and rules.

14:40-15:10 | Automating Security Compliance: A Product Owner’s Perspective (+10 min. Q&A) Jeroen van der Leer (Oblivion Cloud Control)

One of the unique selling points of public cloud is that you can automate virtually anything. That includes automating security compliance. But what are the best practices? Jeroen van der Leer (Former AWS Product owner of ABN AMRO Bank) will give you some tips on how to establish a rule base which works for your organization. He will also explain why it is a good idea to enforce compliance early in the lifecycle of your cloud resources. But if you do find teams in your organization that are not compliant, make sure you have governance, processes and tools in place to deal with them!

15:20-15:50 | Continuous Governance of Cloud Posture Security and Compliance (+10 min. Q&A) Justin Kampel & Paul Mansour-Geoffrion (Trend Micro, Cloud One Conformity)

While cloud computing brings an increase in automation; security, compliance, and operations teams now require greater visibility of all the moving parts across their infrastructure and platforms. Furthermore, industry standards and compliance requirements are constantly changing. Justin and Paul will talk about common challenges they see businesses facing in AWS in relation to well-architected best practices. They will demonstrate how businesses can achieve continuous compliance against the well-architected framework and broader compliance standards (e.g. GDPR, HIPAA, NIST, PCI-DSS, ISO).

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