Beginners Guide to Natural Language Processing & Building accessibility using artificial intelligence

Thu May. 14 2020 00:00 Online

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  • Welcome: Zamira Jaupaj @Mobiquity
  • Speaker: Sohan Maheshwar Developer Advocate AI/ML @ AWS Sohan is a Developer Advocate based out of Amsterdam, Netherlands. He is deeply passionate about emerging technologies and how it is shaping the world around us. He frequently works with developers in startups, ISVs, and enterprises on their cloud strategy. He previously worked as an Alexa Evangelist at Amazon, and has been in the developer relations space since 2013.

Description: This talk is an introduction to voice user interfaces and why they are so popular. The talk will do a deep-dive into all the technology that powers Alexa including terms like NLP, ASR and SSML. There will also be a demo on how to build an Alexa Skill in ten minutes.

  • Q&A and wrap-up

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