Practical EDW migration & DevOps Delivery

Wed Mar. 18 2020 00:00 Arrow ECS, Elzenkade 3, 3992 AD Houten

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18:00 Registration, Food, and Drinks 18:45 first speaker Karthiknarayan (Technical Lead of

20:00 second speaker Sander Knape 20:40 Networking


Karthiknarayan EDW modernization for Life-sciences major to enable efficient Sales analysis & allocation

In the session, we will highlight how we helped the customer migrate from legacy data warehouse, optimize data models, and load data efficiently into Redshift to maximize performance. We will also cover the end to end technology stack that helped our customer to streamline, Data engineering, Storage processes, Build Visualizations, perform Ad-hoc Analysis and quickly derive Business Insights from the data.

Sander Knape Platform Engineering 101: empowering developers to deliver - as-a-service

What does it take to get an application into production? Many processes, tools, and automation surround that application to deliver it to the customer. As it becomes more common for development teams to autonomously deliver and run their software, the focus of the traditional operational teams’ shifts towards an as-a-service mindset. But how is such a team positioned within the company? And is Platform Engineering any different from Software Engineering? In this talk, I’ll share my experiences as a platform engineer and explain why I believe that every company should be conscious about why and how to set up this responsibility. I’ll also discuss the biggest challenges surrounding it - and how to tackle them.

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