Tutorial: Releasing improved serverless functions with confidence

Mon Jan. 20 2020 00:00 Xebia, Wibautstraat 200-202, Amsterdam

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We’ll be trying something different this evening: a live-coding hands-on seriously-practical nerdy-fun server-less workshop. It’s a re-run from a recent conference tutorial brought to The Netherlands for your edification, combining Serverless Framework, AWS Lambda and an innovative way to improve and test applications running in production. Bring a laptop and a bit of coding experience in a modern programming language, and you’ll leave with some new knowledge and actual hands-on experience you can apply the next day.


18:00 Registration & Food 19:00 Start of hands-on tutorial 21:30 End of the meetup

Note: to participate in this tutorial you should bring a laptop with a current browser

Tutorial: Releasing improved serverless functions with confidence

How can you reliably improve serverless applications? In this tutorial we will explain and practice with an approach that enables you to improve and release serverless functions to production with confidence. In this tutorial, AWS will be our production environment. Participants make changes in sample AWS Lambda functions running in production, deploy the improved functions to production as well, and analyze their improvements against the originals.

Serverless architectures, serverless applications, AWS Lambda functions, and the Serverless Framework will be briefly introduced. Right from the start, participants themselves will deploy a sample serverless application to a production environment - and the session continues to be a very hands-on tutorial.

Participants apply this “release improved code to production with confidence”-approach to some serverless applications already running in production. They’ll make improvements to the code (choosing from either Java, Python, Node.js, Go or Ruby programming languages), deploy the improved code to production as well, and compare that with the original baseline applications during ongoing production traffic. Based on the outcomes, participants can confidently conclude whether their changes are actual improvements over the current implementation.

Prerequisite knowledge

  • Participants should have a basic understanding of serverless architecture style and serverless applications. Practical experience with AWS Lambda and Serverless Framework is not a requirement, but it’ll help.
  • Participants should be able to make simple changes to an existing application in either Java, Python, Node.js, Go or Ruby.

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