Driving innovation with Serveless at re:Invent 2019

9 January

Tommaso Albinonistraat 9
1083 HM Amsterdam

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18:00 Registration, Food and Drinks
18:45 first speaker Marek Kuczynski AWS
20:00 second speaker Yan Cui
20:40 Networking

Marek Kuczynski
Title; Serverless at Re:Invent 2019

During this year’s Re:Invent conference, several interesting features and services were released for serverless by AWS. With these new capabilities you can get better insights into serverless performance, keep your functions hyper-ready for lower latency and orchestrate messaging between your Lambda functions with less code and complexity. During this talk, Marek will give a live demo’s of how these features and more new features work and when it makes sense to adopt them in your workloads.

Yan Cui
talk title: Beware the potholes on the road to serverless

Looking in from the outside, serverless seems so simple! And yet, many companies are struggling on their journey to serverless. In this talk, AWS Serverless Hero Yan Cui highlights a number of mistakes companies are making when they adopt serverless so you can avoid them.