Open Policy Agent and AWS CDK

Tue Nov. 12 2019 00:00 Skyworkz, Tractieweg 41, Utrecht

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Advanced Infrastructure as Code: Open Policy Agent and AWS CDK

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18:00 - Food 🍕 & drinks 🍺 18:30 - Talk 1: Policy-based control for cloud native environments 19:30 - Break 19:45 - Talk 2: Codifying the cloud with the AWS CDK 20:45 - Drinks and Snacks 🍻 🍷 🥤

TALK 1: Policy-based control for cloud native environments - Lennard Eijsackers

Teams in a DevOps organisation should be free to setup and manage the infrastructure for their services. One way to enable your teams is by allowing them to use Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools to allow teams to declaratively define their infrastructure needs. Terraform for example is a great IaC tool. However, from a compliance and security perspective, you want to place certain guardrails in place. You want to ensure teams still follow all best practices. In this session I will introduce the Open Policy Agent and show how you can leverage it to validate Terraform plans in a continuous manner.

TALK 2: Codifying the cloud with the AWS CDK - Sander Knape & Sven Rienstra

There is a new kid on the Infrastructure as Code block! The AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) allows you to write Infrastructure as Code in Typescript, Python, Java or .NET and provision it through CloudFormation. Compared to traditional tools such as Terraform and Cloudformation, the CDK provides advantages such as easy code re-use, sane defaults, less glue-ing together resources and being able to use a programming language that you are familiar with. In this talk we’ll discuss both the advantages as well as some disadvantages so that you can decide if the CDK is the right solution for you. We’ll also give a live demo where we spin up some AWS resources using the CDK.

Getting there: Skyworkz is located in the “Werkspoorkathedraal” - a huge building you can’t miss. We are located in Studio N on the second floor. The entrance is left of the main entrance. We have ample free parking and are easily reachable via public transport.

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