AWS Meetup GoDataFest

Mon Oct. 28 2019 00:00 GoDataDriven, Wibautstraat, Amsterdam

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AWS Meetup GoDataFest

The AWS Meetup is FREE, as always. During the day program there will be special talks about: Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, DeepRacer, Formula One and much more. If you’d like to join the program: follow this link and use the discount code: gdf2019discount. Hope to see you at one or both of the events!

Meetup Agenda

18:00-19:00 Registration & Food 19:00-20:00 Open Distro for Elasticsearch 20:00-21:00 The success story of data science at Exact 21:00-21:30 Networking & Drinks

Open Distro for Elasticsearch

Open Distro for Elasticsearch - Open Distro for Elasticsearch is a 100% open-source distribution of Elasticsearch, the popular search and analytics engine. In this session, we explore its many new advanced features—previously available only in commercial software—including encryption in transit, role-based access control (RBAC), event monitoring and alerting, SQL support, cluster diagnostics, and more. We also show you how you can join the Open Distro for Elasticsearch community to accelerate open innovation for Elasticsearch.

Speaker: Ricardo Sueiras

Ricardo is an enterprise evangelist at Amazon Web Services; he works with enterprise executives and technology leaders to help them adopt the cloud and transform their businesses.

He has over twenty years of experience leading emerging technology and innovation programs and has been working with cloud technologies since 2008. He is passionate about cloud, innovation and open source and is excited about how cloud accelerates and amplifies customers’ ability to innovate. Prior to joining AWS Ricardo worked for one of the largest professional services firms. For the past few years, he has been leading emerging technology and innovation programs.

The success story of data science at Exact. Empowering the accountant of tomorrow.

For the past 35 years, thousands of Dutch small and medium enterprises have done their bookkeeping with Exact software. To help them make the most out of their data, two years ago Exact has taken up the challenge of revolutionizing its software, introducing Machine Learning and robotics to support full automation of data entry and Data Science to deliver key financial insights and advice to each and every one of its 400000 customers.

The new data-driven products of Exact could have never been successfully implemented without the effective use of big-data technologies, Machine learning, and micro-services. At Exact, the data science department has joined forces with product development to realize products that can digest a large amount of data, extract features from structured and unstructured data, and leverage data to develop machine learning models. Serving the model in real-time, comply with all legal regulations and continuous integration as well as the development has taught us many lessons that we would like to share with you. We will introduce the project of mapping bank transactions to different bookkeeping categories by using various AWS services such as EMR, Lambda, Sagemaker, Step Functions, and CloudWatch. We will also explain how our end-users benefit from the developed tools.


Bijan Ranjbar-Sahraei Mariane Pinheiro Narendra Parigi

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