AWS Meetup @ Talpa Network

Tue Sep. 24 2019 00:00 Talpa Network, Spaklerweg 50, Amsterdam ‑ Duivendrecht

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18:00 Registration & Food 19:00 Taking a media tech company into the cloud by Jeroen Sciaroni 20:00 How to modernize applications with Cloud-Native best practices by Mark van Holsteijn 21:00 Drinks & Networking 21:30 End of the meetup

Taking a media tech company into the cloud.

Speaker: Jeroen Sciaroni (Solution Architect at Talpa Network)

Talpa Network is a fast-growing company that is rapidly changing in size, products and services. Because of that, we have some demands of the underlying infrastructure. To fulfill these demands we created our landing zone (The Base) that consist of various AWS services and other products. In this talk, we take you on our journey from on-prem to the cloud and give you an inside of “The base” that is the powering our applications and services.

About Talpa Network:

Talpa Network is one of the biggest Media Tech Companies in The Netherlands. I consist of multiple labels that are active in tv, radio, e-commerce, digital, social and much more. It is has a reach of 12 million people and is growing fast.

About Jeroen Sciaroni:

Jeroen Sciaroni is the solution architect within the DevOps team of Talpa Network. For the past 15 years he worked on various projects as a cloud consultant and solution architect. Now he is working on “The Base” which is the foundation under all Talpa Network projects on AWS.

How to modernize applications with Cloud-Native best practices

Speaker: Mark van Holsteijn (CTO at

Everybody wants to move to the Cloud, greenfield style. Unfortunately, most of you will be moving existing applications and application landscapes to the cloud. In this talk, I would like to discuss a number of best practices from the Cloud Native world, that help you modernize existing applications and immediately a lot of benefits that Cloud has to offer. The practices focus on removing variation, waste and toil from the software delivery process and improving overall reliability and predictability.


The Cloud engineers at are passionate about making IT systems faster, better and cheaper using Cloud Technology. We are vendor agnostic and focus on leading cloud technology solutions. We have specialists in Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. We deliver cloud consultancy, training and managed services.

About Mark van Holsteijn:

Mark van Holsteijn gets totally energized about simplifying IT systems and processes: Using Cloud-native technology to achieve this is one of his favorite party tricks.

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