AWS Meetup @ De Persgroep

Thu Jul. 4 2019 00:00 De Persgroep, Mt. Lincolnweg 40, Amsterdam

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17:00 Doors open - welcome, drinks & food 18:00 Welcome at the and De Persgroep 18:15 The journey to centralize a thousand data-lakes begins with AWS Lake Formation 19:00 Short break 19:15 How AWS Serverless support the digital strategy of HEMA 20:00 Learnings from running AWS at scale 20:45 Drinks & Networking 21:30 End


The journey to centralise a thousand datalakes begins with AWS Lake Formation

Speakers: Bellos Stratis, Jesse Blum (De Persgroep) Cloud-based data lakes are becoming strategic assets for organisations but migration issues can lead to lake fragmentation across divisions into “data puddles”. This can mean duplication of effort and data, as well as frustration for analytics and data science. In this talk we present de Persgroep’s “Aligned Autonomy” strategy for reunifying data puddles into a single organisation-wide scalable & cost effective data lake using AWS’ brand new Lake Formation service.

About Stratis Bellos: Stratis is Group Data Architect for De Persgroep. He holds a Masters degree in software engineering from the University of Peloponnese, Greece. Stratis has helped companies such as Philips, AXA and BNP Paribas define their data architecture and achieve their goals through data driven decisions.

About Jesse Blum: Jesse is Product Owner of the DI Joe squad whose mission is to provide SRE best practice, cloud infrastructure and services for the rest of de Persgroep’s data squads. He holds a PhD in Computing Science and a BSc in Software Systems Engineering from the University of Stirling, Scotland, did a postdoc at the Horizon Digital Economy Institute of the University of Nottingham, and has worked in a variety of computing/data science/engineering industrial roles.

How AWS Serverless support the digital strategy of HEMA

Mauro Rallo (foryouandyourcustomers) HEMA has rebuilt their eCommerce environment within 2017/18 and built some of the crucial components on AWS Serverless. Within this presentation Mauro Rallo will show what has been done, which challenges have been encountered and the solutions found. He will make a deep-dive into the applications - starting from the API and Integration layer towards the realtime stock solution.

About Mauro Rallo: Mauro is CTO of foryouandyourcustomers Amsterdam and in this role leading the implementation of several leading eCommerce environments on AWS within The Netherlands.

Learnings from Running AWS at Scale

Pieter Coucke (De Persgroep) Within De Persgroep more than 350 people in 50 squads develop software on AWS. Half of them are AWS certified, others are beaten with sticks until they are. Migration, coordination, authentication, costs and cleaning up bring some challenges. You will learn what battles they fought and their approach to tackle them.

About Pieter Coucke: Pieter Coucke is an AWS and Google certified architect. He holds an MSc in Computer Science from KU Leuven. He uses AWS since they had only one instance type and life was simple. Currently he challenges everybody to explain why they are not migrated to cloud.

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