AWS Deployment Framework Meetup

Wed Jun. 12 2019 00:00 The Cloud, Mr. Treublaan 7, 1000 TC Amsterdam

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18:00 Food & Registration 19:00 AWS Deployment Framework 20:30 DevCloudFormationSecOps 21:15 Drinks & Networking

AWS Deployment Framework

Speakers: Koen van Blijderveen & Flynn Bundy (AWS)

In this interactive session we will discuss and demonstrate deploying securely at scale from source control to production using the AWS Deployment Framework. With an AWS Organization as a target, we show you how to perform automated, multi-account, and multi-region deployments using services such as AWS Organizations, AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild and AWS Cloudformation. After this session, you will be familiar with the capabilities of the open-source AWS Deployment Framework, how to use AWS to automate your deployments on AWS, and how to deploy into a multi-account and multi-region environment.

Koen van Blijderveen is a Senior Security, Risk & Compliance Consultant with AWS Professional Services helping enterprise customers meet or exceed their security controls in the cloud.

Flynn Bundy is a DevOps specialist at AWS focusing on helping customers build, scale and design cloud native software.


Speakers: Ben de Haan, Xebia & Martijn van Dongen,

How to embed CloudFormation in your DevSecOps practice? In this talk, we share a few ideas you could consider implementing. Things like: delete protection, tagging, clean code, testing etc.

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