Serverless in Fintech & AWS DeepRacer

Wed Apr. 24 2019 00:00 Amsterdam

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  • 18:00 Registration, Pizza & Drinks
  • 19:00 Serverless architecture in Fintech: lessons learned
  • 19:50 Using SageMaker for object-detection
  • 20:30 AWS DeepRacer: Announcing the First Dutch Competition
  • 21:00 End

Serverless architecture in Fintech: lessons learned.

Kirill Kolyaskin (Lead Cloud Engineer New10) Building Serverless and event-driven architecture inside AWS ecosystem is a challenging and existing exercise for FinTech startup. We did it in New10 and we did it fast. We mades mistakes, but, more importantly - we learned a lot and I am eager to share our experience with AWS community.

Using SageMaker for object-detection

Dirk Guijt (Data Scientist Royal FloraHolland) Put on your Gloves for some Boxing: Using SageMaker for object-detection.

AWS DeepRacer: First Dutch Competition

Diederik Greveling (Data Scientist GoDataDriven) Surf, GoDataDriven, and recently announced the first AWS DeepRacer competition in The Netherlands. In this talk, Diederik will give an introduction of all the technologies to start using the AWS DeepRacer.

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