Meetup at Picnic

Wed Mar. 6 2019 17:00 Amsterdam

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  • 18:00 Registration, Food & Drinks
  • 19:00 Using Amazon RDS at Scale
  • 20:00 Kong API Gateway on ECS
  • 21:00 End

Using Amazon RDS at Scale

By Max Sumrall (Picnic)

Amazon RDS is a great way to run Postgres in production. For the best experience, you should know what features you do and don’t get with RDS. In this talk, I’ll tell you about our experience running one of our most critical systems on Postgres in Amazon RDS. We’ll go over the practical challenges we’ve had and what we’ve learned along the way. For example, how do we make sure our application is not constrained by the database? Or what can we do with Postgres and RDS to troubleshoot underperforming SQL queries?

Kong API Gateway on ECS

By Mark van Holsteijn (

COIN ( providers common services for the Dutch Telecom providers allowing them collaborate with each other efficiently and effectively. COIN defines and implements the standard on number portability and switching, ensuring low-thresholds for end-users in order to seamlessly switch providers. COIN is migrating to the Cloud and is in the process of changing from VPN and batch interfaces to real-time REST apis. The Kong API gateway is used as the front end of their central service access point. In this talk, we will show you how we implemented the Kong API Gateway on ECS, and how we provided sufficient guarantees to move away from VPNs.

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