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Tue Feb. 26 2019 17:00 Amsterdam

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18:00-19:00 Registration, Italian Pizza’s & Drinks 19:00-21:00 3 Talks by GoDataDriven and 21:00-21:30 Networking

Evolutionary Algorithms on 5000+ CPUs

Vincent Warmerdam & Bas Harenslak (GoDataDriven)

Vincent was playing a card game against his girlfriend and he kept loosing. So he wanted to train a bot to play on his behalf. This is his story. The talk will discuss an algorithm that we’ve tried to improve in two ways:

Applying simple maths to make the search algorithm better Throwing lots (lots!) of CPU’s against the problem by leveraging AWS Lambda and python concurrency The talk will conclude by discussing whether or not AWS Lambda is suitable for a grid search/grid simulation (spoiler: it’s not meant for this task, but it’s hackable).

Automate Administrative Tasks You Won’t Find in Boto3

Thomas de Ruiter (

Almost any AWS service can be fully controlled using the AWS API, for this we strongly recommend the use of boto3 (Python SDK). The problem is, that there exist some administrative tasks for which there is no public API, and there exist some AWS tasks that still require the AWS Account Root User. For example when creating a new account in an AWS Organization, there are some things that you are unable to do using the documented APIs. In this talk I’ll show how you can use Coto for these tasks, and a little background because programming with AWS SDKs is interesting.

Running a bunch of Serverless Campaign Platforms

Kevin Kessels & Dennis Vriend (

Quickly deploying one Serverless App is nice and fun. Fully automating deployment and clean up of high traffic campaign websites, is even more fun. Kevin and Dennis share their experience with designing the architecture, including all aspects to make it reliable, secure, fast and easy.

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