Laurens van Gunst

Almost every member works on a daily basis with AWS products and solutions. You have your own best practices and expertise, but sometimes you also need advice and an exchange of views, or want to experience a shift in mindset. Then you are here at the right address within this community. We organize events to stimulate knowledge sharing and networking. I believe in cooperation instead of exclusion and that is also the core of AWSUG. This is something I implement in my daily job as well. Knowledge sharing over public cloud and AWS in specific is what I focus on. For KPN I’m working as an Evangelist and Technical Product Owner for our AWS offerings, and as a Technology Officer in the CTO Office I focus on the future of KPN in public cloud. At AWSUG it is not about commercial interests. Concurrent or not, AWSUG is about finding solutions together and the shared passion for AWS products. I’ve has gathered a lot of information within several user group for years. Gaining and sharing knowledge is what ensures the continuity of AWSUG.