Frederik Denkens

After an interesting and quickly evolving career in the IT industry as a Support Account Manager at various Internet companies (Netscape, iPlanet, SUN, BEA), Frederik has built up a very solid reputation as a cloud and service specialist.

He is very aware of the potential of current and new technologies. Combining this understanding with a very service- and commercial-oriented thinking, he manages to set himself apart from others. Colouring outside the lines comes standard. He loves to play with thoughts, technologies and concepts related to public cloud, SaaS, Cloud Native and DevOps.

He also acts as an adviser and consultant for companies looking to organise themselves in a remote way using self-managing principles.

The main goals for Frederik are constant innovation and self-improvement while maintaining the most important values: integrity, respect and service-oriented thinking.

Specialties: operations and service management, ITIL, customer relationship management, crisis management, both deep and broad technological understanding, internet- and cloud-technologist, webexpert, coworking-evangelist, fruitcake.